Curaxian helps merchants and processors solve risk and payment related challenges and develop best-in-class risk and payment operations. Since 2006, we've developed solutions for more than 50 leading merchants representing more than $400 billion in annual transaction volume. 


We’re a team of seasoned experts in payments, risk, analytics, finance, architecture, operations, application design, and security.  


Mitch Muroff is the founder of Curaxian. He has 25+ years of payment industry experience helping companies develop payment strategies to increase profitability and manage fraud risk.

As Lead Program Manager at Microsoft, Mitch launched the global payments infrastructure for shop.microsoft.com. He later managed transaction risk for a marketplace with 10M customers at an AT&T-acquired startup. As Yahoo’s Electronic Payments & Risk Management Director, he drove payment strategy and managed fraud risk for 30 lines of business worldwide.

He helped Edgar, Dunn & Company extend its practice into merchant payments then founded Curaxian to focus on e-commerce. Curaxian has supported 50+ merchants and payment processors with $400B+ in annual transaction volume.

Mitch’s expertise includes fraud risk management, recurring billing, product design, competitive strategy, reporting/metrics, due diligence, vendor selection, and recruiting. His fraud risk management experience includes analytics, incident response, audits/assessments, manual review, training, and managed services.

Curaxian’s software, Curaxian Analytics, leverages merchants’ payment data to optimize revenue growth, customer experience, processing costs and fraud prevention. It was recognized by Finovate and the PYMNTS Innovation Award and was voted one of the top 3 most important innovations by the Merchant Risk Council’s METAwards.

Mitch was a founding member of the Merchant Risk Council’s Benchmarking committee and a regular speaker at industry conferences. He has published two articles about sophisticated fraud attacks and has been quoted by The WSJ, Nilson Report and PayPers.

He has an MBA from the University of Washington and a BA in Finance and Economics from the University of Western Ontario.

His interests include meditation, cooking, and kitesurfing. 


“We worked with Mitch for a few months in regards to Fraud Prevention and overall management to reduce our chargebacks. Mitch provided his easy to understand process of eliminating fraud and trained all of our staff successfully in reducing our chargebacks to almost zero. He is a true professional who completely understands Fraud and is willing to always put in the extra hours to insure he can provide the help whenever needed. It was a pleasure to work him and I highly recommend him to any business looking to halt Fraud in it's tracks.”

Cathy Meyer, Credit Manager at Adrianna Papell

“Mitch brought real value and insight to Nixon as the company assessed its consumer fraud management . He efficiently led and worked with the team to devise a plan of action and a go forward process.”

Jennifer MacLellan, CFO at Nixon, Inc.

“Mitch is a true expert in his field who was able to respond instantaneously to help our Company. I was referred to Mitch on a Friday night after learning for the first time the extent of our chargeback problem. Over the course of the weekend and the first week, Mitch was able to adjust our fraud detection systems to virtually halt chargebacks and educate and train our staff to deal with the problem. Over the next 4 weeks, Mitch worked with our teams to analyze the chargebacks, and adjust the filters to ensure smooth operations with minimal chargebacks. I highly recommend Mitch based on his expertise, diligence and 24/7 work ethic.”

Adam Berkman, CEO at Adrianna Papell

“I had the pleasure of consulting with Mitch when he was engaged to advise on our product roadmap for our fraud detection solution. Not only does Mitch have deep expertise in the e-commerce fraud space, but his ability to focus on strategic goals was extremely helpful in our process. Mitch collaborates while guiding which is a winning combination.”

Jennifer Sessler, Director of Business Development at MaxMind

 “I had the opportunity to work with Mitch while our site was under fraud attack. Mitch is an expert in fraud and risk management, and he quickly assessed our challenges, designed mitigation plans, and got the fraud attack under control. Because of his expertise and the work we did together, our fraud prevention tactics have improved significantly. Not only did his work have a tremendous positive impact on our business, he was also a pleasure to work with.”

Kathy Tobiasen, Vice President, Customer Experience

“I worked very closely with Mitch during my tenure at Yahoo! as Director for Product Management and business operations for Prem. Services Infrastructure. He always amazed me with wealth of knowledge and his wholistic approach to manage/combat payments fraud. He is an inspirational leader who can rollup his sleeves to make things happen. He does it with a great attitude and puts folks around him at ease while dealing with serious issues.”

Rajeev Jain, Group Product Manager at Intuit

“I had the pleasure of working directly with Mitch while he was a consultant at GoPro. Mitch was able to quickly identify holes in the system, and other areas that were in dire need of improvement. I found Mitch to be very thorough, extremely knowledgeable, and professionally qualified in the fraud/risk realm. I feel confident when I say that Mitch can definitely be counted on when it comes to implementing a robust fraud strategy for any ecommerce business. I highly recommend Mitch for all your risk related needs.”

Ben Davidson, Senior Fraud & Risk Analyst at Signifyd

“We (MaxMind) hired Mitch as a consultant starting in 2013 to advise our product roadmap for our fraud detection solution. Mitch has in-depth expertise around fraud detection and gave helpful feedback on what customers want from fraud detection solutions.”

Thomas Mather, Founder at MaxMind

“Mitch is a true partner with his clients. They turn to him as an advisor and he in turn brings more to the engagement than they thought possible. It's been great to see Mitch start and grow his business!”

Tom Donlea, VP Global Marketing, Whitepages Pro

 “Mitch is a recognized expert in fraud risk management, with a particular specialty in online ecommerce fraud. His deep consulting experience in this space has enabled him to create a fraud detection and reporting software package that is unique in the industry.”

David Poe, Of Counsel at Edgar, Dunn & Company

“Mitch is an exceptional person in many ways. He is without doubt one of the leading experts on e-commerce risk management. He is also great to work with; extremely detail orientated but always with an eye firmly on the strategic goal.”

Jamie Lonie, Director Asset Management & Operations

“Mitch was on our case's team and provided outstanding support and expertise around international payments, especially with regard to fraud risk and mitigation strategies. I would certainly recommend Mitch for anyone in need of payments and/or fraud expertise and may consider engaging him again.”

Richard Acton-Maher, Head of Product at MacroTower

“Mitch presented on the meaning of social networks and Web 2.0 for a BAI banking conference in spring 2009. The topic was one of the top rated at the event. As a presenter, Mitch also rated near the top of all speakers at the conference. He was one of only a handful to get unsolicited testimonials from people in the audience. Bankers don't give those unless the information is credible and the presentation unbiased. As a bonus (in the view of a conference organizer), he was easy to work with. The jury's still out on how financial organizations can maximize the potential of social networks and Web 2.0, but we'll rely on Mitch with confidence for future updates.”

Clint Swift, Director, Content Development, BAI

“Mitch brought much needed perspective and thoughtful insight to our effort to improve existing processes while also finding some quick wins which lowered the temperature around our payments risk management strategy. His ability to thoughtfully mediate the efforts of several well intended but highly competitive constituents made improvements possible by virtue of the merit of the idea and its ability to advance us toward our goal. I'm sure our paths will cross again, and it will be a pleasure to draw upon his expertise and counsel.”

James Pierson, Director, Payments & Risk at HotelTonight

“We hired Mitch to help our e-commerce project teams better understand e-commerce fraud prevention & management. His deep expertise and concrete experience in this domain has been very valuable for us. Mitch has a true pedagogical talent which enables him to explain those complex topics to non-technical people.”

Arnaud Dufour, Associate UAS Professor at HEIG-VD

“Mitch and his colleagues have incredibly deep expertise in the credit card and online payments industry. Their advice has been very valuable to our business.”

Arnie Gullov-Singh, Go-to-market leader. Former CRO and COO of Polyvore.

“Mitch is an expert in the field of payments and was infinitely helpful to SlideRocket as we negotiated contracts for and implemented our eCommerce payment system. Mitch was great to work with, available whenever we needed him and gave us great advice. I'd happily recommend him.”

Nat Robinson, Head of Marketing & Growth

“Mitch provided a deep industry knowledge and totally understood what we needed.”

Scott Lewis, Vice President - US West Region at Fortinet

“Mitch is a great business partner, someone who seeks solutions aligned with business objectives and follows-through to delivery. I enjoyed working with him and he would make a great addition to any team looking for a highly motivated and dedicated professional.”

John Rucker, Chief Financial Officer at General Assembly

“I worked with Mitch on several Billing projects at Yahoo!. And was very impressed with he’s high level of professionalism. He has excellent business skills coupled with expert knowledge in payment and billing systems and was a joy to work along side him at Yahoo!”

Logan Crerar, Director, Global Head of Delivery for Luxoft Markets

“Mitch provided great guidance in our Risk Management while we integrated our billing system into the Yahoo! Stack. With Mitch detail oriented and ability to pinpoint trouble spots that need to be fixed, we improved our Billing System and Processor relationship. I'd recommend Mitch to anyone.”

Helgge Minassian, Web Operations Manager at TheBlaze

“Mitch was extremely competent as our Director of Risk Management. He designed and implemented the systems and processes necessary to ensure we could handle large-scale person-to-person payments. Very conscientious and diligent.”

Scott Faber, Entrepreneur, angel, writer, parent

“Energetic, upbeat, well-informed, thorough, and tenacious, Mitch was one of the top notch Product Managers during his tenure at Ingenio, and I always looked forward to working on projects which were under his direction.”

Sean Means, IT and Technical Operations Management

“Mitch is a smart and strategic thinker with a deep understanding of payment systems and their legal and operational complexities. Mitch is a good communicator and a diligent and conscientious worker. I have no hesitation recommending Mitch to anyone looking to add a great asset to their team.”

Eric Heath, Chief Privacy Officer at Ancestry

“We experienced Mitch as a highly professional and very methodical consultant. He displayed a high degree of reliability and availability for the duration of the project and beyond. His expertise in the field of risk management and strategic management consulting is both broad and and deep rooted. I would recommend him to any company at any time without reservation.”

Christoph Kammel, CFO at Viewster AG

“Mitch is an expert for the credit card and charge industry. He understands the business drivers, knows what the right decisions are and is very sharp. In addition, Mitch is such as effective project manager and nice person to work with, he builds trust with individuals and make things happen.”

Jannie Affeld, Financial Systems at Google

“Mitch is very knowledgeable about fraud and implementing systems to reduce fraud levels. He provided outstanding plans and reports throughout the time we worked together. I would definitely recommend his service to anyone.”

Julia Rhodes, VP of Application Development - Beatport.com

“Mitch has the most in-depth knowledge that our company knows of in the area of consumer fraud detection and prevention. Our company (Austin Logistics) was hired to build some custom models to predict fraud at Mitch's company, which Mitch then used in his overall fraud detection strategy. Since then, we asked Mitch to speak at one of our annual conferences, and this was ranked at the most valuable speech at our conference.”

Jack Rasmussen, Area Director at N2 Publishing

“Mitch became involved in the brand new realm of credit card chargebacks at a crucial time. This issue could have meant the end to our entire business, but Mitch worked with our merchant banks to have them give us more leniency. More importantly, he implemented fraud tools that reduced chargebacks well within the standards of our merchant banks.”

Priscilla Jayne, Co Founder, new software venture supporting small businesses

“I worked with Mitch for a risk management before and was impressed by Mitch's professionlism. He is very knowlegeable in risk management area. He could get to the point fast and provide clear and deep insight to the issue.”

Gwen Chen, Financial controller at Y! Taiwan Inc.

“Mitch ran all of Risk Management and reduced chargebacks dramatically during his tenure. Likable, detail-oriented, managed large group, was great to work with.”

Mike Ballard, Chief Financial Officer at Ingenio

“Mitch has an excellent grasp of Risk Management processes. He has a very sharp analytical mind and can break down complex business processes in logical requirements and components that both programmers and non-technical people can easily understand. He has kept himself up to date with the latest trends in the Risk Management industry and can bring a lot of value to the table if you are considering him for any projects. He is a very decisive and driven individual. I would strongly recommend him for any e-commerce related work as a co-worker or a business partner.”

Shrinivas Alurkar, Director of Engineering

“I worked with Mitch for a few months at Y! I found Mitch to be a reliable and trusted resource with technical expertise in his area. It was a pleasure working with Mitch!”

Linda Chuan, VP - Head of Global Technology Sourcing at Thomson Reuters

“Mitch was intrinsically involved in managing and monitoring electronic payments across Yahoo globally. From a European perspective, Mitch was instrumental in implementing policies to reduce risk and monitor subscriber behaviour. The reports generated provided a global perspective on electronic payments and predictions on future risk. Mitch was an excellent colleague to work with and always very receptive to requirements of the European Office. I would highly recommend Mitch as a consummate professional.”

Jamie Jenkins, SAFe Agile Delivery at HSBC

“I have worked with Mitch on various projects and have enjoyed working with him. Mitch brings a lot to the table as he has a vast knowledge of the ePayment industry as well as Credit Card Fraud. I highly recommend Mitch as his work is very thorough and concise.”

Ken Chow, Accounts Receivable Manager at Green Dot Corporation

“Mitch is a highly driven individual paying special attention to details and results. His efforts in the area of Risk Management allowed for the identification of several improvement opportunities yeilding increased results to mitigate company risks. He is a great communicator and always asks the appropriate questions to challenge the status quo.”

Morgan Skrbec, Investment Manager at VS Investment Mgt. Services LLC

“Mitch Muroff it one of the most knowledgeable, effective, tenacious and diplomatic professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. Mitch has a striking attribute that sets him above the rest: Decisiveness. I had a major project underway for Yahoo! that yielded an extremely esoteric risk of fraud exposure. Just explaining the risk to myself and others was a chore. I considered the entire project at risk anticipating Yahoo!s Director of Risk Mgt (Mitch) would need to put us on hold for a few weeks, minimum, while his team investigated. We held a meeting to kick-off the investigation (in my mind) which turned into a detailed debriefing to Mitch concluding with a decision from him and therefore a path forward for my project. I was stunned: No investigation, no gratuitous display of caution, no delays, and no risk of fraud. Thanks again Mitch!”

David Etheridge, Senior Program Manager at Yahoo!

“I worked with Mitch as my "Risk Advisor" for the e-commerce oriented properties I managed at Yahoo. While working with Mitch on several large-scale projects he was able to bring his risk management expertise (in the areas of fraud and identity validation) into play and effectively help to identify solutions and positively impact the issues at large. He has always been very proactive in identify issues before they arise, consistently providing solutions (versus only pointing out more problems) as well as following through to see the results and provide continued support. He was an asset to my team, and would definitely like to work with him again.”

Greg Gunwall, Seasoned Product Management & Digital Marketing Professional

“Mitch was very thorough, thoughtful and detail oriented. His knowledge of the credit card payment system was impressive. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.”

Neil Rapmund, Controller at Dolls Kill, Inc

 “Result-oriented and highly driven, Mitch embodies the qualities that any dynamic, forward-thinking company would find desirable.”

Louie Senador, Fraud/Risk Analyst at Ingenio

“I have worked w/ Mitch for nearly 4 years on a variety of client initiatives. In my experiences w/ him he has always been professional and had a clear sense of focus on his firms' goals and objectives. I've found him to be an honest and straightforward business partner.”

Brian Flynn, Director at Equifax, Inc.

“Mitch was a detail-oriented director who knows the card processing business very well. He is focused in his job does and drills down to the core of confronting issues by addressing them with pertinent questions and logic. He is intelligent and resourceful.”

Pethner Chinn, Senior Manager at YapStone

“Mitch knows his area so well; he was able to guide me through the billing process and together we decided what was the best solution for Y! Europe Personals. Mitch is a true partner that is able to work cross-border; gains stakeholders' buy-in easily.”

Deborah Uri, Managing Member

“Mitch did an excellent job of analyzing the risk situation at Ingenio and delivered a document full of recommendations. He went on to implement those recommendations and diligently ensured we stayed balanced between growth and risk. I highly recommend Mitch if your company wants to do ecommerce and avoid the pitfalls around fraudulent transactions.”

Karl Jacob, Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

 “Mitch took a leadership position in the risk management group and became an expert in the nuances of safeguarding the site and users. He built and managed a team that produced measurable results in reduction of fraud. Mitch is diligent, thorough and focused and I recommend him both for this specific area as well as the product management that he did prior to this position.”

Steven Lurie, Founder at Team Builder Ventures

“Mitch has a keen eye for detail, I worked with him on a complex project that required good analysis skills, and a need not to take things at face value, Mitch was able to help identify the route cause of an issue that was effecting us badly. I was impressed with his organisation skills, and his ability to identify both operational and organisational changes needed to ensure that quality was maintained, and that the issues identified did not resurface. “

Tim Hawkins, VP - Technology at The Red Flag Group

“Mitch brought so much knowledge and expertise around fraud prevention; fraud metrics leading us to fully understand all the intricacies in analyzing fraud patterns and trends. He has the uncanny ability to identify risk profiles and quickly develop an action plan whether it be immediately applicable, or if not, what investigations to begin. Without his expertise, we would have easily spent two to three times the effort in understanding and eventually tackling our fraud problems. I highly encourage anyone considering working with him to jump at the opportunity and seize it.”

Rakesh Chabra, Senior Program Manager at Yahoo!

“Mitch was a very thorough person in overseeing the areas of his responsibility. Anyone could rely on him in his work deliverables.”

IY (Young) Lee, CFO Yahoo! Asia

“Mitch is a true professional. He understands the changing payments landscape, and is able to apply that knowledge to decisioning, business planning, and implementation. He is also an expert in the areas of fraud and risk management.”

Melissa Benjamin, Director, Client Growth at PayPal

“Mitch was always highly knowledgeable about his areas of expertise, very responsive to requests for information/help and in general was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him.”

Doug Clark, Product Director - Disney Apps at The Walt Disney Company

“Mitch was providing invaluable assistance in managing risk and driving down fraud levels for premium services at Yahoo. He is very detail oriented and followed up his work with great precision, and showed deep understanding of the issues and was always willing to spend the time to improve his knowledge of the various aspects of importance to my group.”

Vidar Hokstad, Devops and Technology Consultant | Architect | Multi-Language Development

“It was a while since I worked with Mitch and at the beginning I was not really aware of how significant his role was in the success of the company. I still have a vivid memory of these meetings where Mitch presented to entire company the progress his department made over a few years and it was impressive. It was an eyes opening truth to learn how much our business used to suffer from high charge back ratio and situation with internet fraud and what Risk Management department achieved step by step, year after year in order to fully recover and bring these areas to the level of acceptance. What I really liked about those meetings is that Mitch always focused on delivering real facts and solutions instead of story telling. Well, the real facts were the dramatic improvement in all problematic areas that hurt the company and as a result significantly better business relationship with financial affiliates. Mitch is a highly motivated and goal oriented individual, he is also very easy to work with. It was always a pleasure to deal with him on one-on-one basis and all my feedback is highly positive. He is definitely one of the brightest people I worked with. Based on my experience I would strongly recommend Mitch as a co-worker or a business partner.”

Vadim Oss, Co-founder at Rentini

“I worked with Mitch on a few risk management projects. I was impressed by his deep business insight, highly efficient management skill, communication style and detailed analytics experience. He is certainly among the smartest people I have ever worked with. He was one of the best speaker in our annual conference, we alll benefit a lot from his experience in Internet Fraud area.”

Jinghong Qi, Vice President, Data Sciences