Fraud Incident Response

Client Type

Manufacturer and retailer of consumer electronics products.

Client Size

$2 billion/year annual sales.


The client was being attacked by sophisticated fraud rings who were able to present orders that could not be linked together and that exhibited no geo-location or velocity inconsistencies. The client needed to figure out how to stop these fraudulent orders that looked the same as orders from good customers, while still protecting orders from good customers. 


We performed a comprehensive audit of the client's payment card acceptance risk management practices then developed a risk management program framework to address control gaps. We performed a root cause analysis on fraud missed then developed new rules, processes, and policies to stop that fraud. We developed a comprehensive manual review process and trained agents on how to perform more effective manual reviews. We developed a technology roadmap to help the client enhance their risk management capabilities and increase operational efficiency. We developed a holiday strategy to help the client manage significantly higher order volumes during the Thanksgiving and Christmas period. We developed executive communications to help stakeholders understand current state and progress. We developed and deployed automated tools to download chargeback data from acquirer and to automate reporting on chargeback performance.


Using the enhanced rules, processes, policies, and technologies that we developed, the client realized a rapid and substantial drop in fraud and has consistently maintained an exceptionally low fraud rate. The resilience of our risk management strategies was proven during the holiday season, when volumes of both good orders and attack rates are significantly higher than normal. During the holiday season, our strategies helped the client clear good orders while continuing to maintain a very low fraud rate.