Curaxian helps merchants and processors solve risk and payment related challenges and develop best-in-class risk and payment operations. Since 2006, we've developed solutions for more than 50 leading merchants representing more than $400 billion in annual transaction volume. 


We’re a team of seasoned experts in payments, risk, analytics, finance, architecture, operations, application design, and security.  


Mitch Muroff is the founder of Curaxian. He has 25+ years of payment industry experience helping companies develop payment strategies to increase profitability and manage fraud risk.

As Lead Program Manager at Microsoft, Mitch launched the global payments infrastructure for shop.microsoft.com. He later managed transaction risk for a marketplace with 10M customers at an AT&T-acquired startup. As Yahoo’s Electronic Payments & Risk Management Director, he drove payment strategy and managed fraud risk for 30 lines of business worldwide.

He helped Edgar, Dunn & Company extend its practice into merchant payments then founded Curaxian to focus on e-commerce. Curaxian has supported 50+ merchants and payment processors with $400B+ in annual transaction volume.

Mitch’s expertise includes fraud risk management, recurring billing, product design, competitive strategy, reporting/metrics, due diligence, vendor selection, and recruiting. His fraud risk management experience includes analytics, incident response, audits/assessments, manual review, training, and managed services.

Curaxian’s software, Curaxian Analytics, leverages merchants’ payment data to optimize revenue growth, customer experience, processing costs and fraud prevention. It was recognized by Finovate and the PYMNTS Innovation Award and was voted one of the top 3 most important innovations by the Merchant Risk Council’s METAwards.

Mitch is a founding member of the Merchant Risk Council’s Benchmarking committee and a regular speaker at industry conferences. He has published two articles about sophisticated fraud attacks and has been quoted by The WSJ, Nilson Report and PayPers.

He has an MBA from the University of Washington and a BA in Finance and Economics from the University of Western Ontario.

His interests include meditation, cuisine and kitesurfing.