When you are dealing with a payments fraud attack, every minute counts. With traditional reporting, it may take 2-3 months until you discover you’re approving fraudulent orders.

Curaxian Analytics quickly tells you when chargebacks are increasing so you can fix the issue and stop the fraud. 


Curaxian Analytics allowed a $2 billion consumer electronics retailer to discover a 50% jump in fraud and then identify and close the attack vectors in less than a week. Using traditional methods, it might have taken 2-3 months to discover and resolve that attack. 


If your payment transactions are being declined for avoidable reasons, how many good customers are you turning away? With traditional reporting, you may not see increases in avoidable declines fast enough to avoid millions in lost sales.

Curaxian Analytics flags important shifts in card declines so you can identify emerging problems and fix them faster. 


A SaaS subscription company used Curaxian Analytics to uncover a 443% increase in avoidable declines responsible for a $1.8 million loss in sales that might otherwise have gone undetected. 


When you process a large volume of transactions, tracking your interchange cost is critical. Since this information is so tough to analyze, you could be missing millions in avoidable costs. 

Curaxian Analytics flags important shifts in the factors that drive interchange cost so you can identify downgrades to more expensive rates and fix them faster.  


A large payment processor used Curaxian Analytics to identify downgraded transactions responsible for over $1 million in excess interchange costs. The service helped prevent them from incurring similar losses in the future.