Investor Due Diligence

Client Type

Private equity investment firm. 

Client Size

$70 billion invested.


The client was considering an investment in a company that provides fraud risk management technology but the investment team needed guidance from industry experts to evaluate the target firm and to determine the potential market size for its services.


We prepared a high-level assessment of the payment card fraud prevention solution marketplace, identifying key trends and competitive marketplace dynamics. We estimated the market size and growth opportunity available to the target company. We estimated market share of key competitors. We assessed the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for the target company and compared the target with competitors covering factors such as cost, integration, features, differentiation, and positioning. We prepared a deck that was used to describe the opportunity to the investment committee.


As a result of our work, the firm was able to make an $80 million growth equity investment in the target company.

Feedback from Managing Director: “Your insight was critical to our decision making process and also to formulating a game plan for after our investment.”